Aromatherapy treatments

Aromatherapy treatments use specific blends of true, natural essential oils , combined with the soothing benefits of massage.

Full body treatment: £45                                                                                                            

The ultimate in relaxation, using essential oils specifically chosen to soothe the mind and pamper the body. Back, legs, feet, stomach, arms, hands, neck, shoulders, face and scalp massage.

(approx 2hrs) Ladies only  


Body massage treatment: £35                                                                                                  

Relaxing or energizing, can relieve tension, ease aches and pains, aid circulation and release toxins. Back, legs, arms, neck & shoulders.

(approx 11/2 hrs)

Back, neck & shoulder massage: £30                                                                                       

Helps reduce stress and anxiety and soothe muscular tension in the back, shoulders and neck. Improves tone and stimulates circulation.

(approx 1hr) 

Aromatherapy facial, neck & shoulder massage: £25                                                                                       

Enjoy a relaxing and revitalising treat to make you feel great again. 

(approx 45 mins)